A Micro-PIV System is designed to measure velocity fields of particle seeded flows with micron scale spatial resolution using PIV techniques. The light source is a double pulsed Nd:YAG laser that is focused by an epifluorescent microscope with a high numerical aperture on a microfluidic device. The microflow is seeded with fluorescent particles. A microscope lens collects the particle signal that has a longer wavelength than the illuminating light. This signal is separated from the laser light by a filter cube and is recorded by a double-frame CCD camera. The double frame images are evaluated with conventional PIV algorithms.
High speed Stereo µPIV measurement of flow induced by a moving 100 µm plankton recorded at 1 khz frame rate

LaVision offers a wide range of lasers, microscopes and different light source couplings for micro PIV applications. Beside the conventional light microscopes LaVision has developed the FlowMaster MITAS system, an inverted laser imaging microscope for the routine and laboratory use in microfluids.
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