FlowMaster Thermographic PIV

Simultaneous gas-phase temperature and velocity imaging using micrometer-size thermographic phosphor particles seeded into the flow is demonstrated at a 3 kHz repetition rate. The velocity field is measured using a standard particle image velocimetry approach, while the temperature is determined from the temperature sensitive phosphorescence emission of the particles. Since the particles are very small, they rapidly assume the temperature and velocity of the surrounding gas. Time-resolved measurements in the wake of a heated cylinder are presented, demonstrating the utility of these imaging diagnostics to observe transient, coupled heat and mass transfer phenomena.

B. Fond, C. Abram, A.L. Heyes, A.M. Kempf and F. Beyrau, Optics Express 20 (2012), 22118-22133
C. Abram, B. Fond, A.L. Heyes and F. Beyrau, Applied Physics B (2013), 111:155–160

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