LIF thermometry in a thermoacoustic device
Courtesy: Jaworski , Uni. Manchester,
MST 21 (2010)

LIF Imaging in Thermal Flows

In LaVision’s FluidMaster systems for LIF-Thermometry in thermal flows a variety of temperature sensitive LIF tracers are used.

At constant tracer seeding density the LIF signal is directly related to the local flow temperature, but laser light sheet and laser beam absorption corrections has to be applied. These corrections are provided in our LIF image processing module in DaVis.

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In case the LIF tracer concentration is not constant, 2-color LIF thermometry is the best choice for fluid temperature measurements. This LIF imaging method uses the image ratio of two LIF emissions at different wavelengths (colors) to measure the fluid temperature. 2-color LIF ratio imaging is not only independent of the local tracer seeding concentration but also insensitive to changing illumination conditions across the laser light sheet. This superior image ratio approach needs a second camera or an image doubler in front of the lens of a single camera.

LaVision’s DaVis software is supporting multi-camera imaging with sophisticated image mapping functions for multi-directional views.

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