Interferometric Mie Imaging

LaVision’s ParticleMaster IMI imaging system is optimized for spray investigations of smaller droplets at low and medium droplet densities. Defocused Mie scattering is used to generate a fringe pattern from each droplet with its fringe spacing related to the droplet size. This intererometric sizing method is limited to transparent and spherical droplets. The ParticleMaster IMI system is hardware compatible with LaVision’s FlowMaster 2D or Stereo PIV systems.

ParticleMaster IMI
System Features
  • autodetection with droplet location from a single camera
  • droplet size from fringe pattern analysis
  • droplet velocity derived from double frame exposures
  • velocity - size correlations, histograms, scatterplots
Principle of IMI droplet sizing

Product Information