Internal Combustion Optical Sensor System

LaVision's innovative Internal Combustion Optical Sensor (ICOS) measures crank angle resolved fuel (lambda-values) or exhaust gas concentrations directly in the combustion chamber of internal combustion engines under real fuel conditions.
Ultra fast detector probes measure the fuel density (ICOS-Fuel) and/or the exhaust gas concentration (ICOS-EGR).
Firing (spark plug) and non-firing probes are available. The spark plug probe has M12 or M14 threads and do not need any further engine modification. A non firing M5 sensor can be used for standard bores of the engine.



Sensor Specifications

Measuring principle:
IR absorption
Measured quantities: fuel density (air/fuel ratio) and/or exhaust gas concentration (EGR-rate)
Precision: < 2 %
Data rate: 30 kHz
Dynamics: 14 bit
Data acquisition: crank angle resolved multiple cycles

For further information you can download an abstract of an article from the MTZ magazine under publications/engines: T. Berg, V. Beushausen, O. Thiele, H. Voges: Fiber Optics Spark Plug Sensor for the Optimization of Engine combustion processes..
crank angle resolved fuel and exhaust concentration profiles together with cylinder pressure during cold start
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