Flow imaging inspection

Gas Flow Imaging

Make air flows visible

LaVision’s Flow inspex systems visualize and monitor air and heat flows in industrial processes without the need for smoke or seeding particles meaning zero contamination.  A simple background imaging technique monitors on-line flows over a wide range of flow scales and flow rates with excellent spatial and temporal resolution.

Heat flow visualization

Visualizing your flow with our system is as simple as recording a movie: point the flow inspection camera through the flow onto the provided background pattern to reveal flow structure and speed that are not visible by eye.

These extremely versatile systems can be used in a wide range of applications from small scale leak detection, through car interior ventilation, to full room flow behaviour in cleanrooms or for HVAC testing.  Because the approach has zero contaminants it is safe to use in all environments and works residue-free.

System setup is fast and straightforward and can be deployed at short notice and supports on-line process control applications.

System Features
  • sensitive imaging technique for (thermal) air flow motion visualization and velocimetry without particle seeding
  • flexible field-of-views up to large scales
  • simple system setups
  • software interface for process integration