LaVision has launched a new seeding generator for large volume PIV and PTV applications

Monday, 28. September 2015

The new seeding device generates large Helium-filled soap bubbles at high production rates.
In the past, Helium-filled soap bubbles were successfully used for flow visualization and large scale PIV & PTV applications, but often the low production rate of bubbles with less than 1000 per second has been the limiting factor for several applications.

LaVision’s new seeding generator incorporates a nozzle design for up to 50 nozzles and generates up to 2 Mio bubbles per second. This guarantees flexible configurations and seeding of large measurement volumes of more than 1 m³ for e.g. in wind-tunnel operations. The bubbles have a highly constant size of down to 300 µm and are much brighter than standard oil aerosol seeding particles. Large measurement volumes can be filled with a high seeding concentration, recorded and processed with LaVision’s time-resolved Tomographic PIV or Shake-the-Box particle tracking systems

A controller device automatically manages the flow rates and a large reservoir enables long operation times.

For more information about this outstanding new seeding generator, please contact your local sales representative.