The Tecplot Add-On allows importing DaVis files directly into the Tecplot workspace. This Add-On is available for Windows only. Please download the Add-On according to your Tecplot and Windows version.
Description Fichier Taille 19700101Date
Tecplot 360-2008, Windows 32-Bit Download 845864826.0 kB 1280303022Jul-2010
Tecplot 360-2009, Windows 32-Bit Download 846011826.2 kB 1280302856Jul-2010
Tecplot 360-2009, Windows 64 Bit Download 12567131.2 MB 1280301768Jul-2010
Tecplot 360-2010, Windows 64 Bit Download 12770101.2 MB 1378364682Sep-2013
Tecplot 360-2011, Windows 64 Bit Download 12763821.2 MB 1378364600Sep-2013
Tecplot 360-2012R1, Windows 64 Bit Download 12763231.2 MB 1378364440Sep-2013
Tecplot 360-2013R1, Windows 64 Bit Download 12791641.2 MB 1410335668Sep-2014