With the new ReadIMX v2 Add-On, LaVision extends its free MATLAB™ tool to Apple computers and adds writing functionality

Thursday, 8. May 2014

New ReadIMX Add-On available for free
MATLAB running under Mac OS shows a particle image, a DaVis vector field and a LIF image
With a new release of the free MATLAB™ Add-On “ReadIMX”, LaVision now grants access to DaVis files also on Apple computers. The new version v2 does run under 64 bit versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
It is compatible to MATLAB starting from version R2011a.

New writing capability!
The new version v2 also supports writing files from MATLAB back into a DaVis compatible format. You can write your own processing functions in MATLAB, and copy processed images and vector fields back to DaVis.

Free use!
The ReadIMX Add-On is free. You can run it on any compatible computer without the need of a license key.

Need more?
LaVision also supplies a Tecplot Add-On for outstanding 3D presentations and a free C++ code library to implement your own compiled code.

Registered customers can download the MATLAB Add-On from the download section on our website.



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