FlowMaster Tomographic PIV

FlowMaster Tomographic PIV is an extension of the FlowMaster stereoscopic 3D concept and enables the instantaneous measurement of all three velocity components in a complete 3D measurement volume. The size of the volume is quite flexible and can be adjusted from small volumes of only a few cubic mm to large volumes. A special from LaVision developed volume optics allows an easy illumination of the desired measurement volume and can be quickly adjusted from thin volumes to large cubes. Tomographic PIV is based on the principle of tomographic volume reconstruction that is well known from magnetic resonance imaging. The 3D light instensity field of the illuminated particles is reconstructed from the images of two or more cameras viewing from different angles. Velocity vectors in the volume are computed by an iterative three dimensional cross correlation technique using deformed interrogation volumes. Scheimpflug lens arrangements keep the measurement volume in focus. Tomographic PIV can be done with any camera setup, no matter if you are using standard low speed cameras or advanced kHz range high speed camera.
Laminar jet from a circular nozzle, ReD=5,000

An upgrade from an existing PIV system to tomographic PIV is easy. All that is needed are additional cameras and the
FlowMaster Tomographic PIV software package. Stereo-PIV systems typically do not need any additional camera as tomographic PIV works already with two cameras. Besides the tomographic PIV technique LaVision offers related volumetric PIV techniques like the tomographic PTV or 3D-PTV.
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