Time-resolved PIV

FlowMaster time-resolved PIV opens new areas of fluid dynamic analysis. It combines the spatial information of digital PIV with the temporal evolution of each point.

Time-resolved PIV measures velocity and acceleration fields and turbulence quantities of transient phenomena. The time-resolved PIV information opens a new area for derivations or correlations in time. It allows to obtain the "real" quantities of transient and turbulent flows.

LaVision's FlowMaster time-resolved PIV systems include state-of-the-art digital high-speed cameras with several kHz frame rate at full resolution of up to 2k x 2k pixel and several 100 kHz frame rate at reduced resolution. Single or dual cavity high-repetition rate solid state lasers up to several 10 mJ per pulse and up to 20 kHz repetition rate are available. All components are fully controlled from the DaVis software and LaVision`s unique Programmable Timing Unit (PTU). The PTU enables an easy use of high speed systems even on engine or rotating machine applications with typically demanding trigger requirements like the synchronization of the external frequency of the device with the recording rate of the measurement system.

Experimental result displayed without and with time/space filter

without (left) and with (right) polynomial filter of order 2 with spatial 5x5 and 7 time-steps kernel size
Reference: Measurement of laminar, transitional and turbulent pipe flow using Stereoscopic-PIV;
C.W.H. Van Doorne, J. Westerweel; Experiments in Fluids 01/2007; DOI:10.1007/s00348-006-0235-5
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