Industries LaVision is working in close cooperation with the world's leading aerospace and automotive companies, universities and well-known research institutes. Industries Applications LaVision's innovative product range serves fast growing markets in major application fields: fluid mechanics, material testing, combustion, spray and particle analysis. Applications Products LaVision's imaging and sensor systems provide market-driven measurement solutions for flow field imaging, spray- and combustion analysis, particle sizing and material inspection. Products Techniques Our diagnostic instruments are based on optical techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Light Scattering and Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Techniques

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18.03.2014 | Learn about Optical Technologies in Science and Research & Development in a joint workshop organized by LaVision and FLIR blue dot

28.02.2014 | Register today for your free participation in the Tomography-and-Coffee Session: "Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) from LaVision” blue dot


09.01.2014 | LaVision’s Compact Volume Optics – a new tool to optimize your Tomographic PIV measurements blue dot

14.10.2013 | LaVision is now offering an upgraded model of its Image Doubler blue dot

07.10.2013 | The Imager LX camera series from LaVision is now also available with a CamLink interface and higher max. frame rates blue dot

3D flame imaging
3D flame imaging: reconstructed time-averaged 3D OH* distribution in a premixed CH4-air flame.

Tomographic PIV
Tomographic PIV experiment on tethered locusts flying in a wind tunnel, using an 800 mJ Nd:YAG laser and
8 Imager sCMOS cameras (5.5 Mpixel ), synchronized with LaVision's Programmable Timing Unit (PTU).
Measurement volume: 250 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm.

(Courtesy of German Aerospace Center, Goettingen and
Dr. Richard J. Bomphrey, University of Oxford