LaVision introduces a series of new cameras for PIV applications

Wednesday, 23. May 2018

Our well-proven very sensitive Imager sCMOS camera now comes with a modern and ultra-fast Camera Link HS interface allowing high data throughput. The connection from camera head to frame grabber via fiber optical link enables safe data transfer over long distances.

The new Imager SX 6M and SX 9M cameras are price-efficient, low noise cameras and provide a modern USB3 Vision interface. The cameras combine high spatial resolution for larger scale PIV application with high frame rates.

For moderate velocity ranges the Imager MX 2M and MX 5M USB3 cameras are best suited. The cameras offer frame rates around 100 Hz, in combination with a 50 Hz or 100 Hz PIV laser they are ideal for applications in water or other fluids.

All cameras are compact and light weight and have an in-built double shutter mode for short interframe times for a wide range of PIV flow field applications.

Feel free to contact our sales representative, if you are interested in more information.



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