LaVision was happy to present the most recent innovations on the 18th International Symposium on Flow Visualization

Monday, 2. July 2018

Located in the historic ETH main building in Zurich, Switzerland, the LaVision booth attracted the attention of the scientists participating in the symposium.

Multiple recent innovations were displayed at the LaVision booth. The capabilities of Background-oriented Schlieren can be extended to 3D. Digital Tomographic Schlieren gives access to time-resolved quantitative 3D flow imaging, for instance of temperatures in flames.

Particle-based 3D measurements are performed with Tomographic PIV and also with Shake-the-Box. The capabilities are largely extended with LaVision’s 3D camera MiniShaker. With Helium-filled soap bubbles scattering more than 10000 times brighter than common aerosol seeding particles and with robotic support, the system is ideal for large-scale measurements in wind tunnels.

For a first impression of the flow topology particle tracks are great but for a detailed analysis data on a regular grid, like in Tomographic PIV, is often preferable. To this, LaVision presented VIC#, a novel method based on data assimilation resulting in an unsurpassed grid resolution.
Also direct retrieval of pressure data from data on a regular grid is now possible. Pressure from PIV with LaVision’s 4D solver offers access to pressure data from PIV measurements in 2D and 3D, time-averaged and time-resolved.

The information was complemented by multiple exhibits at the booth including a MiniShaker L camera. A live experiment showed its application for volumetric water flow measurements together with the new DaVis 10 software package. LaVision’s high-power LED-Flashlight 300, a cost-effective and easy to use alternative to high-speed lasers for many applications, was used for the illumination. Also an aerodymically-optimized seeder for Helium-filled Soap Bubbles was displayed. A MiniShaker Aero mounted to a robotic arm demonstrated its high flexibility for volumetric air flow measurements.

The LaVision team thanks all visitors for their lively interest and the organizers for their commitment for a successful symposium.



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