LaVision delivered a combined diagnostic system to SestaLab

Monday, 12. August 2019

SestaLab as part of the company Co.Svi.G. Scrl. is a world-leading laboratory to test the combustion of gas turbines.

SestaLab is focusing on replicating combustor's real conditions in terms of pressure, flow and temperature. Based on test results the service provider makes it possible to obtain the needs of final users (emission, environment, etc.). That’s why the most important gas turbine manufacturers run tests at SestaLab on a regular basis.

With a combined FlameMaster/FlowMaster system together with a Raman upgrade from LaVision the execution of fluorescence and elastic diffusion measurements from laser light is possible to investigate combustion processes for gas turbine burners. The goal is the measurement of velocity fields, concentration of chemical species and temperature field.



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