Our latest software DaVis 10.2 with many new features has been released

Monday, 21. June 2021

DaVis 10.2 includes general improvements for better compatibility and performance, but also usability and measurement precision.

Some highlighted new features of DaVis 10.2 are:

  • Free Python library: opens DaVis to the world
  • OS Language and Unicode Characters: all languages now supported in DaVis
  • High DPI: responsive UI design for high-resolution monitors
  • Streaming Recorder: highest camera frame rates in multi-camera systems for long recordings to disk
  • Efficient lossless data compression: faster data access and multi-core support
  • FlowMaster: consistent workflow for PIV/PTV/STB - and Adaptive PIV is back!
  • Shake-the-Box: adapt correction fields during Volume Self-Calibration
  • Shake-the-Box: track data filter in 3D display
  • Tomo-PIV: new more convenient and efficient file format for volume data
  • DIC: support of multiple stereo live extensometers
  • ParticleMaster: precision improvement for size and mass flux measurments
  • Scalar Imaging/LIF: new user-friendly intensity calibration dialog with uncertainty propagation

If you have questions on this new version, please contact your local sales representative



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