LaVision released a new version of its free Python library lvreader

Monday, 14. February 2022

It is available for download in the download->software category on our website.

LaVision's Python library lvreader got a new version 1.2.0 and extended its feature list by dedicated read/write functionalities for particle data sets. This makes it possible to further analyze your Shake-the-Box or PTV data with your own Python post-processing scripts. Whether you are interested in whole particle distributions or single particle tracks from your experimental data, lvreader lets you directly access DaVis set files without the need of a further export step.

Using the particle write functions, it is possible to import particle data from other sources and use DaVis' advanced processing operations, such as binning or fine-scale reconstruction, to gain further insights into your data.

If you are already working with the most recent Python version 3.10, the new release of lvreader supports it now as well. Click here to download lvreader 1.2.0.



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