LaVision invites you to join its Photogenic DIC webinar in March!

Tuesday, 28. February 2023

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LaVision invites you to the following webinar in March 2023:

Title: Photogenic DIC – The Benefits of an Optimal Image Modality
Description: A photogenic object is one that consistently provides high quality image characteristics through the production of its own light emission (i.e. luminescence subcategories of fluorescence, phosphorescence, etc.), see Figure. A photogenic pattern can be applied without the need for a basecoat thus minimizing the chance of delamination. In addition it does not suffer from specular reflections from underlying surfaces. The DIC community has not yet fully appreciated these and numerous other benefits offered by photogenic patterning. This webinar will present the principle characteristics of photogenic DIC, required hardware, and a range of application examples.

Tuesday 21st March, 3 pm Central European Time, Berlin, UTC+ 1:00
10 am Eastern Standard Time, New York, UTC- 5:00
Presenter: Richard Prevost
Senior Research Engineer
Duration: 60 min



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