LaVision released DaVis 8, a new version of its intelligent imaging software

Tuesday, 31. August 2010

DaVis 8 release
This new version of LaVision’s reliable software DaVis 8 is designed for Windows 7 (32/64 bit), supports a variety of new hardware components and impresses by a significant processing speed boost. DaVis 8 provides very flexible hardware configurations through a large number of available components and combinations. It offers several upgrade paths from compact single-purpose tools to multi-parameter imaging solutions to grow with your high end applications. DaVis 8 provides the accustomed high-level quality at a tremendously faster processing speed by using optional Graphics Processing Units (GPU) hardware acceleration. Application oriented software packages are available for daily laboratory and quality control tasks as well as for highly sophisticated research experiments. All application packages work with the same DaVis 8 platform and provide a wide range of multi-parameter imaging tools.



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