LaVision introduces a new member to their ICOS family for Internal Combustion Research

Monday, 23. May 2011

New ICOS Temperature system
The Internal Combustion Optical Sensor-Temperature (ICOS-Temperature) system is the latest addition to LaVision’s ICOS family for internal combustion research. ICOS-Fuel for studying air/fuel ratio and ICOS-EGR for analyzing the internal and external EGR rates are the other family members. These have been successfully used in the market for a number of years.

The ICOS-Temperature allows the analysis of highly time-resolved (kHz range) in-cylinder temperatures in the internal combustion engine. It delivers crank angle resolved single cycle temperature curves. As an example, the compression stroke temperature rise can be captured. This detailed information provides important feedback for engine optimization, the analysis of cycle by cycle variations and validating numerical analysis. Fully functional spark plug probes for M12, M14 and non-firing M5 probes are available for in-cylinder measurements.

The ICOS systems are highly modular. Fuel, exhaust and temperature probes sensors can be combined for simultaneous measurements and/or measurements in multiple cylinders. The versatile sensor server is used for capturing all experimental data. The systems are simple to use, very fast to set up and easy to adapt to different engine types.



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