LaVision offers a scientific imaging breakthrough with its new Imager sCMOS camera

Friday, 20. May 2011

Imaging breakthrough with new scientific CMOS camera
LaVision’s latest add-on to their well known and proven PIV camera family –the Imager sCMOS camera has been successfully introduced into the market. Besides the high spatial resolution of 5.5 million pixel and an extremely low readout noise the camera yields recording rates up to 50 Hz to the system computer at full resolution using an enhanced CameraLink interface. This offers nearly unlimited storage of experimental data to the system computer. The new camera has a very short interframe time of much less than 0.5 µs making the camera also suitable for even highest velocity applications. The new sCMOS camera is fully integrated in the latest DaVis software, existing systems can easily be upgraded with the new camera.



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