New “Programmable Parameter Recording” option increases flexibility in High-Speed Imaging

Friday, 8. March 2013

Programmable Parameter Recording – an upgrade for LaVision’s HighSpeed Controller
With the Programmable Parameter Recording (PPR) LaVision presents an upgrade option for its HighSpeed Controller (HSC) sychronization unit. Especially applications where periodic trigger signals were used for the external synchronization of high speed imaging systems such as time-resolved PIV and / or PLIF benefit from the new PPR upgrade. Typical applications are time- and / or crank-angle based measurements at engine-, spray- or turbine test facilities. The PPR option now enables the definition of multiple recordings per operating cycle. Simultaneously it is possible to adjust recording parameters such as the dt for PIV variably within a cycle. This leads to an increase of flexibility of recording parameters and a better adaption of those to the experiment and thus, an optimized scanning (image recording) with the respective high-speed imaging system can be reached.

We’d be happy to check your upgrade options available for your specific applications.

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