LaVision GmbH among the winners of the Innovation Award 2014 from Göttingen county

Tuesday, 2. December 2014

76 companies, research and education institutions applied for the twelfth Innovation Award “Ideas? Welcome!” from Göttingen county
LaVision won the third place with its development of a one-camera system for stereoscopic deformation analysis of solids in the category "Applicants with more than 20 employees."

For stereoscopic imaging usually a partly complicated and/ or rather expensive two-camera system is used. LaVision’s camera projector system now offers the possibility to work with an inexpensive compact system in which one camera is replaced by a projector. In this case, projecting a known pattern allows the reconstruction of the three-dimensional surface of the sample. The spatial position of individual points can be calculated by detection and triangulation of this pattern in the camera image.



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