LaVision now introduces a new generation of soot characterization with the LII 300 system to the European market

Monday, 12. January 2009

LII 300 system now available in Europe

Laser induced incandescence (LII) is an optical technique for accurate, non-intrusive and temporally resolved measurement of soot concentration, specific surface area and primary particle diameter. LaVision GmbH, who is the exclusive distributor for Artium Technologies PDI and LII systems in Europe is now presenting the advanced LII 300 system which is mainly configured for quick set up and unattended operation to measure soot in many applications, among Diesel engine exhaust, Gasoline engine exhaust, Diesel particulate filter performance, Gas turbine particulate emissions. For detailed information contact your local sales representative or have a look at the datasheet “LII 300 system”, which is now available for download on our website.



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