Helium-Filled Soap Bubble generator & Tomo PIV experiments to be presented at SAE World Congress

Monday, 21. March 2016

Join the talk of Loughborough University staff about a large volume Tomo-PIV experiment.
Work conducted at Loughborough Universtiy using LaVision's new Helium-Filled Soap Bubble (HFSB) generator will be presented at the SAE world congress in Detroit on Wednesday 13th April 2016 at 2pm. The work used the HFSB generator to conduct large area (500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm) Tomographic PIV in the wake of a 1/4 scale road vehicle representative model. The measurements were performed in air at 30 m/s freestream velocity using a 200 mJ 15 Hz laser to illuminate the volume.

The wake structure of the model in question is very 3 dimensional and exhibits a bi-stable switching characteristic. The use of large volume Tomo-PIV is perfect for this kind of study, allowing the researchers to capture fully 3D flow regimes at the same point in time. Previously researchers had to re-build volumetric representations of the wake from Stereo-PIV slices, gathered at different time steps.

If you are interested in attending the talk, please click here for the Technical Session Schedule



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