The Center of Smart Interfaces at TU Darmstadt is offering a Short Course on Complex Wetting

Monday, 17. July 2017

The course will be held in October 11-13, 2017 in Darmstadt, Germany

The Short Course on Complex Wetting has the aim to present the fundamentals and industrial applications of wetting phenomena to engineers and researchers in chemical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food engineering. The fundamentals of interfacial physics and wetting phenomena are addressed during the first day of the course, together with the methods of theoretical and numerical description of wetting.

The second day is devoted to techniques for the preparation of surfaces and the characterization of interfaces as well as complex wetting phenomena. Experimental methods determining contact angle, interfacial tension, etc. are presented. A special focus of the day lies on complex wetting phenomena, involving complex surfaces (soft, textured, porous, coated…), complex liquids (surfactant solutions) and on methods of controlling wetting phenomena. The lectures on the third day present typical industrial applications relying on wetting phenomena such as functional printing and coating, prevention of ice accretion, etc.

The program foresees intensive discussions between the participants and the lecturers and also among the participants. The aim is to address on-going development and application problems suggested by the participants.

The course language will be English
Please find a detailed description and program in the course flyer here.
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