New “Engine Optimization and Emission Reduction” and “ICOS” Webpages launched

Friday, 26. January 2018

Intelligent Imaging and Optical Sensors for Engine Applications

Engine Optimization and Emission Reduction

LaVision supplies powerful tools to assist you in the optimization of current and future requirements of engine performance and emission control such as RDE, soot and PM emissions, SCR catalyst, charge cooling with water injection and EGR, fuel sprays and CNG engines. For more information, examples and measurement solutions on these topics visit the new “Engine Optimization and Emission Reduction” webpages here.

Internal Optical Combustion Sensor (ICOS)

LaVision’s Internal Combustion Optical Sensors (ICOS) measure crank angle resolved air/fuel ratio, exhaust gas concentration, EGR-rate, water concentration and gas temperature directly inside the cylinder. The new ICOS webpages provide more in-depth information on the technology of individual systems, including the new ICOS-CNG system, ICOS for water injection, and the selection of in-cylinder probes to cover all engine conditions. Visit the new “Optical Engine Indictation – ICOS” webpages here.



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