The annual BSSM Showcase and Exhibition takes place at the NPL in London on 4th November 2014, celebrating 50 years of BSSM

Friday, 10. October 2014

Showcase on leading edge experimental techniques to be held at NPL
BSSM has organised a special event to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary to take place at NPL (in London) on 4th November 2014. A reception and dinner is planned on the evening before and all BSSM members are invited to attend the Showcase and the evening reception free of charge. The Showcase comprises a series of presentations covering the development and future prospects of the key experimental techniques in wide usage in current research and industrial applications. Internationally leading researchers across a range of subject areas have been invited to present their work in plenary sessions. The idea of the Showcase follows on the successful ICEM16 conference organised by BSSM and is a celebration of achievements alongside exciting new developments. There will be exhibition of current instrumentation as well as a ‘trip down memory lane’ with exhibitors displaying old cameras and equipment.Participants are invited to produce posters on their work.



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