LED linear illumination unit

Linear LED Illumination Units

A wide range of imaging applications do not require the unique illumination capabilities of a laser but still demand for more precise control than a constant halogen illumination can offer. LED illumination has clear advantages over the alternatives. Known spectral characteristics together with low heat dissipation and the ability to work in pulsed mode come in a cost-efficient package for various fields of applications.

  • high speed imaging
  • non-destructive testing
  • strain and deformation analysis

LaVision offers LED solutions for different purposes. All LED's can be used in constant or pulsed mode synchronized to other devices and events by DaVis software. The LED units are triggered or modulated by TTL signals up to 100 kHz.
Standard colors are white and blue. The linear LED illumination units contain high power LEDs and are focused for efficient usage of the light. White illumination is highly efficient and matches any camera‘s sensitivity curve well. Blue illumination is advantageous when high temperatures or flames give a strong background radiation of visible or infrared wavelengths.

  • white color corresponding to 6500 K
  • blue color typically 450 nm, FWHM 25 nm
  • 12 LEDs per linear array
  • < 20° lenses for each LED
  • 20 W electrical power
Halogen cold spot illumination unit

Spot Illumination

Designed expressly to meet the requirements of high speed imaging. With a light intensity of up to 2.39 million lux (Ø 6.5 cm field of view at 20 cm distance) this halogen spot light is ideal for high speed experiments, using cameras with extremely short exposure time. The special cooled halogen illumination concentrates an intense amount of light over a long time period with less object warming. For short imaging tasks, the heating effect is negligible.

  • 0.37 x 106 lux light intensity
  • 690 cm (22' 8") cable lenght
  • standard 16 mm (5/8") mount receptacle
  • 21 - 27 VAC Input voltage:
  • 24 V 250 W lamp