All well known PIV functions in LaVision’s DaVis software now ten times faster by GPU implementation

Sunday, 12. September 2010

Enormous boost in processing speed
LaVision now offers outstanding performance computing technology based on modern highly optimized Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for several Laser Imaging modules, such as PIV. LaVision implemented all PIV relevant processing functions in DaVis 8 to run on massively parallel processing GPU hardware. Using GPU hardware boosts the processing speed up to more than a decade. LaVision‘s GPU based PIV algorithm does not require to learn any new processing details. Most functions and parameters are available 1:1 in the conventional CPU and the new GPU processing (CUDA). Implementations can be purchased for FlowMaster PIV, FlowMaster Tomographic PIV and StrainMaster. GPU and PC hardware are well selected to match your needs and guarantee best performance.



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