LaVision’s stereoscopic 3D underwater PIV system is in use at the Franzius institute Hannover

Wednesday, 8. December 2010

LaVision’s stereoscopic 3D underwater PIV system in Hannover

LaVision has successfully installed a 3D stereoscopic underwater PIV system in a wave water channel to perform and simulate large scale tests for coastal engineering and offshore wind power plant research. The effect of sand movement at the basements of wind power plants on the ocean current will be examined. The LaVision system consists of cameras with a resolution of 5 megapixels and the exchangeable mirror-sections enable a fast and easy realization of different orientations (horizontal/vertical) from the cameras towards the laser light sheet and the experiment respectively. The system will be used in different water channels at the Franzius institute and is therefore highly modular designed. It is equipped with a dry dock to place the 500 kg system inside to make sure that it can be modified dry shod for its next mission. An installed 3-axis-traversing unit permits operations in a range of 1 x 1 x 1.4 meters to the exact millimeter. With the successful installation of the system LaVision has once again proven his excellent expertise in this field.
Some details of the shown water channel:
wave water channel
regular and irregular waves
max. height of wave: 0.5 m
length: 110 m
width: 2.2 m
depth: 2 m
The 3D underwater PIV system will also be used in a wave pool, in a sluice channel as well as in the recirculation channel at Marienwerder, an external location of the Franzius institute.



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