High-repetition-rate planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) imaging of hydroxyl radicals (OH) in flames at a continuous framing rate of 50 kHz are demonstrated

Saturday, 6. December 2014

Measurements were carried out on a stable Hencken burner flame and a turbulent flame produced by a transient-arc DC plasmatron.
Sequences of OH PLIF in DC torch plasma assisted CH4/air flame for a premixed flowrate and current level of 10 SLPM (standard liters per minute) and 600 mA average current
Prof. Tonghun Lee et al from the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at University of Illinois presented for the first time PLIF measurements at high continuous repetition rate of 50 kHz. A frequency doubled 200W pump laser in combination with a tunable dye laser was used to generate a laser sheet of ca. 40 mm at 283 nm with more than 7 W average power. The OH laser-induced fluorescence signal was recorded with LaVision’s 2 stage intensifier HS-IRO and a high speed camera in combination with DaVis software.

The results are a demonstration of the ability of the laser and intensified camera systems to make high-fidelity OH PLIF measurements at 50 kHz. For further details please refer to Lee et al, Applied Optics, Vol. 53, Issue 23, pp. 5246-5251 (2014).



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