The first international LaVision Strain and Deformation User Group Meeting was held at the National Physical Laboratory, UK. This highly successful DIC meeting brought together LaVision system users from a huge range of materials applications.

Thursday, 28. February 2008

The first international LaVision Strain and Deformation User Group Meeting
Subject areas included woven materials, biological areas, energy generation, composites and fundamental material studies. Additionally, Dr Juergen Adam of Royal Holloway University gave an excellent presentation showing the application of the StrainMaster system to geological studies - a very timely talk as the meeting followed Britain's largest earthquake for 25 years!

The new StrainMaster Portable system was introduced to the group, receiving
an excellent welcome. Customers were shown the new hardware in operation and
then allowed to experience the major software enhancements, with all commenting
on the incredible 3D calculation performance and ease of use.

Discussion between participants was energetic and interesting, with all
present sharing their experiences and gaining knowledge on how the systems
are used in very different subject fields. All those who attended commented
on the usefulness of the meeting saying that it had been a very valuable
experience. One customer commented"whether it would be possible to hold
this kind of meeting every 6 months, or even more frequently!?"such was the
enthusiasm for a wholly enjoyable event.



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