On-line Partikelüberwachung in der Sprühtrocknung

Partikel Imaging

Eine in-situ Imaging Kontrolle von Partikel verbessert die damit verbundene Produktqualität und erhöht die Effizienz des zugrunde liegenden Prozesses.

ParticleMaster inspex in Transmissionsanordnung

ParticleMaster inspex measured quantities:

  • size and shape: diameter, perimeter, circularity …
  • velocity and mass flux
  • cumulated statistics D10, D32, percentiles Dv10, Dv50, Dv90
  • size histograms, scatterplots

These compact and highly integrated imaging systems are especially designed for quality control applications in industrial environments. The instruments are factory calibrated, splash-proof and eye-safe with a well-defined mechanical interface for test bench integration.


Verwandte Produkte

  • ParticleMaster inspex

Industrielle Partikelüberwachung