Standard Lenses

LaVision offers a wide range of high quality standard lenses covering a range of working distances and fields of view. Please consult with your LaVision representative which one can meet your requirements.


High Magnification Zoom Lens

The Zoom Lens System with 12x magnification range consists of a main lens body and a variety of attachments to get application-specific working distances and fields of view. The Zoom Lens System design has an advantage over conventional photographic lenses due to its versatility in variations of working distances and magnifications.

  • High 12x magnification (0.58 – 7x) lens system
  • Increased resolution with 0.018 - 0.1 N.A.
  • Variable working distance from 37 to 341 mm
  • Field of view from 0.29 mm to 75.9 mm with attachments
  • Unmatched edge flatness and clarity
  • Works with any current format cameras

Long Distance Microscopes

The Long Distance Microscopes allow an extremely high magnification and resolution while maintaining a long working distance. Due to the special telescope design a large variability in field of view and remarkable depth of field can be achieved. The use of high quality mirrors is an advantage over lens systems in terms of linearity and chromatic correction. This makes them ideal optics for high resolution imaging applications.

  • Working range: 15 - 35 cm or 55 - 152 cm
  • Clear aperture: 63 mm or 89 mm
  • Magnification: 34x at image plane or 12x at image plane
  • Coaxial illumination for adjustment purposes
  • Standard accessories: 1.5x and 2x Barlow lenses

Camera Filter

For high temperature applications LaVision offers a specific camera filter intended for use in combination with the blue LED illumination units. You will also find the right filter for the use of UV or polarized light in our accessories program.

Polarization filter adapter
Speckled carbon fiber tube without (left) and with (right) polarized light

UV LED Panel

If the specimen has a reflective surface, complex geometry, or undergoes large deformation during the experiment, shadows or reflections may occur on the specimen surface. This can make image evaluation difficult.

An alternative approach to white light illumination is Ultra-Violet (UV) light. When UV light is combined with a matching filter for the camera it is possible to avoid the potential issues described above. In order to use UV light the specimen surface must be prepared with a suitable speckle pattern: this can be achieved with fluorescent paint matched to the light characteristics. UV speckle is robust and stable over time irrespective of the specimen’s movement, and through the use of a matched filter, changes in ambient lighting do not affect the image quality.

LaVision’s UV LED Panel offers a compact light capable of illuminating small or large areas together with matched camera filters and speckle application kit.


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