DaVis DIC Software

LaVision‘s new DaVis software is a state of the art platform for the acquisition of full field surface shape, displacement, and strain data. It is easy to use and fully featured, and includes all necessary modules for successful Digital Image Correlation (DIC) based material testing.
The DIC software is highly versatile and with it you can study any type of material coupon or component testing, regardless of the loading mechanism (thermal, electrical, mechanical, aerodynamic). The full field map that it yields is like having thousands of miniature gauges on the specimen surface. DaVis DIC software supports:

  • Up to two cameras of the Imager M-lite or Imager CS series
  • Device Control Unit 11 (DCU 11) with integrated
  • LED 35 light device as pulsed or CW illumination


DaVis 10 DIC software is the complete software for intelligent (laser) imaging applications for non-reactive and reactive flow fields, material surface imaging and tracking and (ultra) high speed imaging. The software integration of the selected imaging system is achieved with flexible acquisition modes, customized DaVis software interfaces and application specific imaging packages.

The DaVis platform offers complete hardware control, with no need to rely on home-made triggering or separate multiple control programmes. It is possible to build acquisition loops and specialized timing schemes. It is recommended for:

  • Multi camera imaging with more than 2 cameras
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction experiments
  • Micro DIC applications
  • High-speed imaging