Endoscopic (laser) imaging is commonly used for applications with limited optical access in gas turbines, IC-engines and industrial furnaces. LaVision provides a variety of endoscopes for visible and UV light applications, such as PIV, LIF and high speed flame visualization. Cameras endoscopes are available for all types of cameras and intensified cameras. Illumination endoscopes are available for lasers and other light sources.

Endoscopic imaging solutions or upgrades can be provided for practically any (laser) imaging system. As part of the solutions LaVision offers pressure sealing inserts as well as customized mounting and installations.

  • High-speed spray and flame visualization in internal combustions engines with advanced quantification
  • Laser imaging in IC engines, i.e. PIV
  • Laser imaging in gas turbines
  • Visible and UV flame visualization, e.g. in IC engines and industrial furnaces
In-cylinder endoscopic PIV
Fuel spray in direct injection gasoline engine recorded with LaVision camera endoscope (left) showing much higher contrast compared with a standard endoscope (right).
Flame visualization in a large scale furnace
Endoscopic imaging of early flame propagation inside an IC engine, courtesy of M. Goschütz et al., University of Duisburg-Essen, SAE Paper 2014-01-1178
Camera Endoscopes
Camera endoscope for visible (VIS) wavelengths
  • Planar (flat field) image correction removes endoscopic field of curvature
  • Best optical components for high contrast and image quality
  • High temperature applications

Camera endoscope for UV wavelengths

  • Quartz lens based for high UV transmission

High effciency camera endoscope for UV

  • Expectionally fast UV endoscope for low light level applications
for Global Illumination and
Laser Light Sheet Generation
Engine illumination units for global illumination
  • For visualization applications without self-emission, e.g. fuel sprays
  • Available for all types of light sources including LEDs, Xenon lamps and lasers

Laser light sheet endoscopes

  • For laser light sheet imaging techniques
  • Visible light sheet endoscopes, e.g. for PIV
  • UV light sheet endoscopes, e.g. for LIF
Camera endoscope for visible range
High efficiency UV endoscope attached to image intensifier
Laser light sheet endoscope