Flow Field Imaging in Flames

LaVision’s laser imaging systems for flow field imaging are called FlowMaster and are based on state-of-the-art Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) techniques.

Turbulent combustion is strongly influenced by flow-chemistry interactions. High speed laser imaging applying simultaneously PIV and OH-PLIF in the same light sheet plane allows the investigation of such flow-flame interactions present in e.g. ignition and flame extinction processes. LaVision’s laser imaging concept supports in a unique way such simultaneous PIV and PLIF measurements based on our proven FlowMaster and FlameMaster systems both using the same DaVis platform for synchronized image recording and data processing.

Flow field and NO distribution in a gas turbine combustor
Instantaneous flow field prior to extinction in an opposed jet flame.
White area marks the flame.
B. Böhm et al. PCI 2009

Product Information

  • FlowMaster
    advanced PIV/PTV systems for quantitative flow field analysis