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LaVision is a leading manufacturer of integrated (Laser) Imaging Systems to the scientific and industrial market. The product range varies from high-speed and ultra-fast CCD cameras and accessories via imaging detectors to measurement technologies and software tools.
LaVision is always continuing the development of customer designed (Laser) Imaging Systems for reactive and non-reactive flow field analysis, fluid mechanics and non-destructive material testing.

In addition, new and innovative optical sensors for in-cylinder gas analysis, soot monitoring and leakage detection of pharmaceutical vials are offered.

LaVision is an international company with subsidiaries in France, UK (LaVisionUK Ltd), the USA (LaVision Inc.) and with representatives all over the world.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us or send us your application documents.

Current openings

UK based Applications & Service Engineer

What career combines research spanning many industries, state of the art experimental systems, international travel, technical troubleshooting, sales.....
.... It's a long list because the job entails a vast range of challenges over a wide range of applications. On Monday you might be supporting an ongoing project looking at insects in flight and helping the researcher to optimize their Tomographic PIV system, a day in the office on Tuesday providing technical support to customers, then fly out to Sweden on Wednesday to install a Digital Image Correlation system being used to study impact tests on composite panels. Of course, next week will be different - some Particle Image Velocimetry in a Formula 1 wind tunnel, processing fuel injector droplet size data from a contract measurement, or troubleshooting a system fault with a camera framegrabber.
Sound interesting?
LaVision is 28 years old and has continued to grow steadily since inception, and LaVision UK are currently seeking to add another member to the team. You must be enthusiastic, able to work independently, and willing to travel around Europe. With a degree level background in mechanical engineering or a related subject, you will be comfortable working with and troubleshooting complex systems including state of the art imaging devices and lasers. You will also ideally have some prior experience with optical devices and a track record in utilizing experimental measurement techniques in a research environment. This is a varied role spanning industries from geology to aerospace, measurement devices looking at microfluidic channels to large scale mechanical testing, and discussions with researchers performing combustion diagnostics to arts conservation.
If you like routine, this is not for you.
But if you are still interested, please send a covering letter along with CV