DaVis 10 - Releasing a new generation of imaging software

Tuesday, 14. November 2017

DaVis 10 - Software for Intelligent Imaging

DaVis 10 defines a new landmark of cutting-edge innovations in Intelligent Laser Imaging software. Combining high-performance cameras with outstanding image processing algorithms opens new dimensions for your imaging applications. DaVis 10 has been redesigned from the ground-up to deliver a software for modern demands for usability, data handling and visualization.

Leading-edge 4D imaging

DaVis 10 includes LaVision’s most innovative algorithms for 4D measurements of flow fields, sprays, mixing and combustion processes and 3D surfaces. Latest innovations like the robot-assisted MiniShaker for high-density particle tracking with Shake-the-Box, Pressure from PIV and Tomographic LIF provide a comprehensive platform for Intelligent Imaging.



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