LaVision extended its portfolio of new intensified camera models for scalar imaging

Thursday, 15. November 2018

Besides of the new intensified NanoStar camera with sCMOS technology, LaVision also integrated the fiber coupled PI-MAX4® camera from Princeton Instruments in its DaVis 10 software.

LaVision’s NanoStar camera couples optically a 25 mm high resolution image intensifier with an outstanding high efficiency tandem lens system to a 16 bit 4 Mpixel sCMOS sensor. The PI-MAX4® ICCD camera from Princeton Instruments features a 1024 x 1024 pixel interline CCD sensor fiber optically coupled to a variety of intensifiers covering the spectral range from UV to NIR.

Both camera models can be operated under LaVision’s DaVis 10 software control.

You can find further information here.



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