LaVision’s Helium-filled soap bubble generator helps to make speech aerosol dispersion dynamics visible

Wednesday, 17. February 2021

Department of Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University studies the non-symptomatic aerosol-producing activities such as speaking with PIV technique.

The study focuses on the specific asymptomatic activity of speaking, elucidates the characteristics of speech-generated aerosols, and determines whether speaking constitutes as much transmission risk as that observed for coughs and sneezes in COVID-19 pandemic times.

During the experiment LaVision's Helium-filled soap bubble (HFSB) seeding generator was used to generate 200 micrometer neutrally buoyant bubbles in order to faithfully follow the aerosol motions emerging from the speaking human subject. LaVision’s DaVis 10 PIV software was utilized to process the images and to control laser and camera systems.

More information about this interesting study can be obtained here.



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