New DaVis 10.1 release is now available for download

Tuesday, 15. October 2019

With a brand-new graphical processing list editor, interactive setup and operation of high-speed systems, a new export dialog, and Distributed Processing DaVis 10.1. significantly boosts usability and simplifies your work flow.

After more than one year of DaVis 10 on the market, we have now released DaVis 10.1 with major improvements. This includes many new features in the user interface (UI), a new hardware setup and recording dialog for high-speed systems and brought back the distributed computing. And it also includes some significant changes in the internal code to prepare DaVis for the future.
The main new features in DaVis 10.1 are:

  • new processing dialog with search functionality, drag-and-drop and live preview
  • high-speed recording and hardware setup now with the same intuitive UI as low-speed
  • DaVis Distributed Processing is back – also locally on your DaVis PC as a background task
  • new export dialog and export operation with dynamic file name generation
  • 3D height view on 2D images

Registered DaVis users can download the "What's new in DaVis 10.1" document here.



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