LaVision presents a new generation of a UV camera endoscope system for minimum invasive in-cylinder measurements in engines

Tuesday, 16. July 2019

The new high-efficiency endoscope provides an outstanding image quality due to high transmission and chromatic performance over a wide range of wavelengths in the UV.

For extreme low light level applications, such as OH self-emission in combustion engines, the unique UV high-efficiency camera endoscope offers an approximately 10x higher transmission compared to conventional UV camera endoscopes.

This endoscope includes a pressure sealing tube for applications up to 300 bar and 200 °C. The front optics are mechanically de-coupled from the camera system to avoid vibrational forces being transmitted to the camera system.

The endoscopic front optics is placed close to the measurement plane and mounted into the engine‘s body, the de-coupled UV lens is mounted to the stationary (intensified) camera or IRO (Intensified Relay Optics) system.



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